Here I Am!

25 Aug

Friends, Romans, Subscribers,

This post comes directly from Folsom, CA where due to some jetlag I’m wide awake at 6 AM.  I’ve officially met most of the band.  Last night at about 7:30 twelve talented musicians (plus little old me) rolled into the Sacramento airport.  Fortunately I didn’t need to go off finding people because they all knew each other and so naturally found the group pretty quickly.

So what can I tell you about so far?

I met Brian, the sound guy and Maddie’s fiance, who I’ve been talking to for a while already and who help me set up my work email.  I ordered Pizza with Jeremy, who gave me the lowdown on exactly how early I should be to catch the bus in the mornings, and I rode the supershuttle with Art, Greg, and Brandon who requested fish, pepperoni and mexican food.  All in all a good night.  Oh, also, Brian introduced me to the pool and hot tub which was amazing after a long day of flying.

Also, I should mention that I met an amazing woman on my flights yesterday.  I basically had 3 flights and we sat together for two of them.  She lives in Las Vegas but travels an obscene amount for work and has 3 kids, the youngest 19 and the older two grown.  She wants to make a documentary about some issues that I can’t talk about but am very interested in nonetheless.  I gotta say that I like how you can choose your seats (and seatmates) on Southwest airlines.  It’s pretty cool that we got to sit together twice, especially since she invited me to sit with her both times.

It made me think that perhaps I didn’t bring enough business cards with me though.  So I’ll probably have mom bring some with her when she visits next week.

According to Brian now that the band is here (the singers and dancers have been here all week) today’s rehearsal is about putting everyone together.  Everyone except for me of course.  I get to organize the merchandise.  Not that I mind, I just hope the merch is close enough to the rehearsal hall that I get to listen to the pretty music while I work.  And if not I’ll rock out to some Taylor Swift.

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