Folsom, CA – Day two

26 Aug

Today I took actual pictures of actual things!

Today I got to see a lot of beige buildings (because we’re in California, duh) including a beige Walmart and two beige Jack In The Boxes.  I even got to see the inside of the Walmart!  Fun stuff.

Today I actually felt like I was being helpful.  And occasionally the things I did had something to do with my duties when the tour gets back to America in October.

I facilitated some food and talked about comp tickets, next step is actually DOING those things, but I guess I’ll just wait until Bud doesn’t want to do them anymore, or I just do them without telling him, whichever comes first.

Tomorrow is our first show day and we have two performances, 2 and 7:30, so tonight I need to figure out what to wear for that.  Probably one of the multitude of pencil skirts I brought, just to prove to myself that they have a purpose.  I also get to exercise my new skills swiping credit cards!  And maybe even operating the video camera!

Despite all my exclamation points I actually am pretty darn excited for tomorrow.  I’m pretty sure we have a sold out house so it should be a good show, not that I think I’ll get to watch it from anywhere but backstage, but isn’t that the best place to watch a show anyway?  I think so.

I didn’t realize until today how patriotic the show is.  When I finally heard all the music I thought I would find it cheesy but I actually ended up tearing up a lot at the end so I guess not.  Who knew?

Oh, right the pictures.

This is the sign for the amusingly named but very pretty lake that runs right near the hotel.  The local costume mistress, Crystal (I’m assuming that’s how it’s spelled) says it’s freezing all year round because the water is melting down from the mountains.  Two days and I already found something cold in California!

And this is an example of the adorably old western style town right outside the hotel.  It looks like a movie set.  And it’s literally right outside the hotel.  We drive through it every day.


And here is the theater:

Yeah, I didn’t take that.  It’s on their website.

Those pictures were probably very disappointing, hopefully I’ll get one of the hotel tomorrow morning.  It’s actually very lovely and has a wonderful bike/walking path that I’ve been enjoying in the mornings while waiting for the rest of the company.

Oh!  I discovered that if I wash my hair and then go for a walk on the bike path (which is a lovely way to start the day!) that my hair is dry and pretty by the time we’re ready to get in the vans.  This may not seem like a big deal but it was HUGE to me.

I think that’s enough for today.

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