Gilroy, Monterey, Carmel, Hearst, Santa Barbara, Newport Beach

03 Sep

Hey there,

I’m behind so I’m gonna catch up a bit and do a few towns/two days together.  So when we left San Francisco we drove to Gilroy which I’m told is the garlic capital of the world.  Unfortunately there was NO GARLIC TO BE FOUND.  If you know anything about me you know that was incredibly sad.  We spent a hot second there and then set off for Monterey and Carmel.

In Monterey we saw the beach.  It was purdy.  The sand was soft and the water was blue.  Like really blue.

In Carmel-By-The-Sea we saw the cutest little shop in the world.

That Corinna would love (soaps and white vintage dresses), and then my camera promptly died.  After that we looked at lots of antique jewelry and other artsy fartsy cutesy… stuff.

Then we drove down the coast which was gorgeous.

And I started a major love affair with mist.

Mist and mountains.  I love ’em.  So we drove down to Hearst where I saved my throat with so much soup.  In the morning we got up and toured Hearst Castle where I took way fewer pictures than I should have.  The castle was was built by W.R. Hearst with his amassed fortunes from being a ‘newspaperman’ as the tour guides called him.  It was basically a museum of art and architecture so I couldn’t photograph everything.  I just have one question for you.

Pachke or Ungepachke?

Then we went to Santa Barbara

Not much to say about Santa Barbara.  It was pretty.  We walked along the main drag and stopped into a few shops.  Mom bought a sweatshirt I will probably wear more than her.  We’re both temperature challenged but in opposite directions so it’ll probably serve as a toe-warmer for the driving we have left.

After Santa Barbara we drove down to Newport Beach to meet up with mom’s friends Mark and Mardi.  Mark went to Chiropractic school with mom.  In fact the friend we stayed with in San Francisco was also from mom’s chiropractic days.

I gotta say there’s nothing like taking the chiropractic tour of California and getting sick.  I just ate a raw clove of garlic after letting sambu guard disolve in my mouth, while in San Francisco I was given fancy teas and allergy medicines along with oscillococcinum.

I’m off to sleep.  As you can see it’s been a long two days and I’ve just been adjusted to within an inch of my life.

No subluxation here.

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