Catalina and Tarzana

08 Sep

Hello all!

I’m beaming to you live (maybe) from a bed in Fallbrook, CA, on drugs and gargling salt periodically while listening to This American Life and trying not to swallow.  If you were looking for a health update there it is.  Sick day #8 I think.  I do finally feel like the worst is over though.  The current prediction is 2 days to spoken word and solid food.

Now, on to the traveling.  Last we spoke I had just arrived in Newport Beach.  Mom and I stayed the night with Mark and Mardi and then the group of us took a boat to Catalina Island in the morning.

It isn’t much but I liked it.  I actually found I liked being on the water a lot more than I expected.  Boats, who knew?

Catalina was beautiful.  Absolute heaven.  Mom and I were amazed and we’re dying to go back.  Me especially because for the three days we were there I spent more than half the time in bed, miserable, taking drugs, getting adjusted and muscle tested and putting garlic in my body.

This is the adorable town, I loved all the houses on the hills, so freaking cute.

And the golf carts.  I didn’t get enough golf cart pictures but there were golf carts tricked out to look like pickup trucks and jeeps and painted with blue flames.

And of course on goes my love affair with mountains.  The whole town was surrounded by mountains.  LOVE IT!

You can’t see much in this picture but I thought the colors were beautiful.  I shot this on the boat pulling away from the island.  Mountains, lights, boats, water.  So pretty.  I want to go back.

After Catalina we drove back up (to mom’s chagrin) to Tarzana to spend a day and two nights with cousin Linda.  I felt terrible but we had fun shopping and talking and hanging out in the house.  It was over 100 degrees so we spent as little time as possible outside the house.

Then we drove down to Fallbrook and have been spending time with Bita and Brisa (and Erin and Sabrina) and this morning I got to meet Jeanie’s beautiful baby boy, so that was a special treat.

For the majority of the rest of the month I’ll be hanging out in Fallbrook with some of my favorite ladies.  If I do anything special or outside of town I’ll let you know but otherwise it’s safe to assume that i’m lounging around the house and the pool in my bathing suit drinking margaritas for the rest of the month.

Or shuffling around in slippers sipping tea and nyquil.  Either way not far from the house.

Til next time!







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