Catalina part 2, Birthday edition!

23 Sep

Hello all,

This is late because I was hoping Brisa would figure out how to get the pictures off her camera and onto my computer but alas, no dice.  Instead I’ll just write about how beautiful Catalina was and share the pictures later if I ever get them.  It’s a shame cause they were pretty rad.  Nonetheless.

If you’ll remember, I spent some time on Catalina island not too long ago.  Mom and I stayed with Mark and Mardi in the house they rent for the month of September each year.  The weekend of the 18th they had a wedding to attend in New York and Brisa had her 22nd birthday.  Since they weren’t going to be at the house they graciously let us borrow it.

So very early Friday morning Brisa, Veronica and I drove up to Long Beach and hopped the Catalina Express to the island.  Later that day Erin and Sabrina met us there and Veronica (who had work early the next day) stayed with us for the rest of the day.

For the most part the weekend can be summed up with two words.  Beer & Bananagrams.  If you are so unfortunate a person as to not know what Bananagrams is then I apologize that your life has been lacking all this time.  Bananagrams (which is surprisingly hard to spell) is best described as competitive speed scrabble with rules that are somewhat maleable depending on who you’re playing with and how much beer they’ve had.

So if I skip over large chunks of time you can just assume that we were a) sunbathing on the gloriously relaxing roof, b) sleeping, or c) drinking beer and playing Bananagrams.

Other than that we bought bison stuffed animals and took very silly pictures with them.  Erin (with some help from Brisa) made a Bananagrams board entirely using words from Harry Potter (now don’t you wish Brisa would let you see the picture of that?).  We drank birthday margaritas (falling in love with the guava flavor) and became friends with the very nice waitress who also happened to work down the street at the sunglass shop.  Brisa satisfied her serious need for ceviche and clam chowder.  And finally we saw a big Celebrity Cruises ship which was very ironic because the friend who got me hired at In The Mood is now working for Celebrity Cruises.

Aside from beer, Bananagrams, and sun that pretty much sums up our entire weekend on Catalina.  We were so happy to have a calm quiet weekend away and Brisa turned 22 in style.

Big thanks again to Mark and Mardi for the house!

Hopefully I can get those pictures soon for you all.  Until then happy travels!

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