San Diego and Santa Maria

06 Oct

So this weekend I visited Cousins Micah and Heather Kasdan in San Diego.  I couldn’t have asked for a better weekend.  They have the sweetest poodles and an adorable little house with lots of orange.  This doesn’t sound very important but it was huge to me as there is no orange in my house back home.

They took me to the neighborhood they used to live in and we had fish and drinks and drinks and a walk and some drinks.  That was pretty much the theme of the weekend.  Stuff, drinks, more stuff, more drinks.

I don’t have much specific to say about the weekend other than that I love Heather.  She’s the cousin I’ve always wanted and I’m so glad Micah tricked her into being related to me.  I hope they move closer to me in the long run so I can hang out with them and their orange stuff and their dogs.

When I got back from San Diego Brisa and I took a trip to visit her grandmother in Santa Maria.  I learned to make enchiladas and strawberry shortcake and to play Mexican Train.  This is the best game ever.  If you’re wondering what I want for my birthday the answer is mexican train.  I want a set and I want to play it with you for 5 hours.

Yes, we played that game for 5 hours and we had such a good time that it felt like 5 minutes.  Honestly.  We also, played a few minutes of Uno, during which Brisa completely spazzed out and looked at a bunch of cards that weren’t hers inducing an extreme laughing fit where we both almost fell off our chairs.  We also visited Brisas Aunt Delia and her three beautiful sons and I fell in love with Nana.  She’s awesome.  I hope I’m half the grandmother she is one day.

Tomorrow I go back up to LA and join the company.  I’m excited to see everyone and for Bryan to set up my work email on my phone.  Planning for the first few weeks away from everyone has been stressful but I think that when I am reminded that this is all going towards a show everything will be better.

More later,


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Posted by on October 6, 2011 in Vacation


One response to “San Diego and Santa Maria

  1. Heather

    October 12, 2011 at 12:14 pm

    It’s not nice to make a girl get misty eyed at work 🙂

    You are the sweetest and we really loved having you in SD. Remember, wherever we live, our door is always open!


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