Minnesota, Wisconsin, Illinois

23 Oct

In the last 4 days we’ve played St Paul, MN, Appleton, WI Springfield, IL, and (as I type) Grayslake, IL.  You can probably guess that we haven’t had much time to see anything besides the inside of the tour bus.  In Wisconsin we had cheese curds with lunch (I apparently tasted one and made an atrocious face).  In Springfield we went to a hooters and watched the end of the world series game.  How many home runs are there usually in one game anyway?  This morning we pulled up to Grayslake and let me tell you that we’re all really looking forward to having a day off tomorrow (within public transit distance of Chicago so expect another ‘city’ assessment if you enjoyed the last one!).  I’m also excited because I actually know people in Chicago so I might get to look like I actually have friends in front of my tour buddies.

Also, apparently today marks 4 weeks until the last show of the fall.  I think that means that tomorrow marks 4 weeks until I’m back in Brooklyn.  Exciting!  It also means that we have SO MUCH to do in the next 4 weeks.  Oy.

And as you can guess I have no pictures to share with you of the last few days.  I took a camera pic yesterday because my hair looked really good for about 10 minutes while I was talking to Lillian on the phone and I have another one of 2 of the girls in the cast making funny faces on the bus though I should ask their permission before I post it here.

Love to all and a big happy birthday to Heather Kasdan and Shari Lee Polis!!


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