Memphis, TN

31 Jan

I love it when we get to stay in real cities with real bars and restaurants and people!

Last night we slept over in Memphis where real people exist.  Cori’s parents came and took us out to an amazing dinner at a place called Texas De Brazil which had the most incredible meat ever.  Ever.  Sorry Dad.  Then we went out and drank and made friends with strangers and caroused on Beale St.  What a lovely little city Memphis is.

Oh, and when we were at dinner we were seated by a table of really (REALLY) tall guys.  When we went to do the buffet part Cori and I accidentally bumped into them. I asked if there was some 7ft+ convention tonight and they told me they were a basketball team.

Apparently they’re a real basketball team called the Denver Nuggets which actual people have actually heard of.  Cori had me take a picture of her being dwarfed by some guy named Nene like the creeper/sports fan she is.

You win Memphis.  You and your Dolly Parton Bridge.

Now, back to work.

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