Hot Springs, AR

04 Feb

Hot Springs and TapGirl conspired to show me a great time in Arkansas this week.  Being in Cori’s home state her parents brought out her car for the week so we had a grand time.  We zipped around in her little car (codename: TapGirl) and did laundry and grocery shopping.  Everything our little hearts desired. Here is me learning what a hot spring actually is (because I’m a New Yorker which means I don’t understand anything that does not naturally occur there) and being very surprised at just how hot it was.

For some stupid reason this picture won't turn.

I also had a bath in the mineral water at this place

(Picture taken by someone on the internet who is not me) and stayed on a street that was really beautiful like this.

(Picture also not by me)

So pretty.

We hung out with Cori’s parents again.  They’re pretty awesome.  Rick tried to get us drunk…again.  Can you guess who won that battle?

And now the entire bus is hungover (except me of course) and on our way to Alabama.

The south is interesting.

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