Denver, CO

25 Feb

It’s been quite a week.  When we left NC we drove for 3 days to get to Colorado.  On the way I found out that a costume designer friend of mine from CMU passed away from a heart attack at 28 years old.  The whole week managed to be pretty rough on everyone.  It must be in the stars.

The theater itself is nice and new.  Too many stairs in my opinion and Bud’s.  I read The Hunger Games in about 3 days.  So did Tim.  AJ had the whole series so I’m excited to read the others and see the movie.

We’re having an Oscar party tomorrow night which should be fun.

The mountains have been the highlight of the week.  Every time I see them I’m awed.  I forgot how comforting and majestic they are.  When I’ve had bad thoughts I just look at them and they’re distractingly wonderful.  I’m not excited about leaving them but that is the itinerant life, isn’t it.

This picture is way to good for me to have taken.

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One response to “Denver, CO

  1. Madi

    February 26, 2012 at 2:52 pm

    Dear Elize,
    So sorry to hear of the loss of your friend.
    I too am having an Oscar Party. My family
    is coming over so it’s low key!
    Still I’m very excited.
    Let’s compare notes next week.
    Enjoy the Oscars!!!!!


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