Bay Area

11 Mar

We’ve been in the Bay Area the last few days and actually had a (ahem, our first in 6 weeks) day off where we got to go into San Francisco proper!

So Orion and Amanda picked me up on Sunday night and I slept over at their adorable apartment in the castro.  In the morning I took a nice walk around and passed/went into the following lovely places:

I got pastries from Tartine with Sara and Kara which was awesome because I really missed them.  Sara took me to get my hair cut which sadly left me with almost no curl left (Damn my naturally straight hair!) and then I met up with Liz, Tim and Jen at The Stinking Rose (AKA THE BEST RESTAURANT IN THE WORLD!).

Amazing.  A ridiculous amount of garlic. We all stunk for days (probably still do) but it was COMPLETELY worth it.  Dear, god the deliciousness.  My mouth is literally watering just thinking about it.

Then we went to Vesuvio down the block which is apparently a very well known bar and Amanda met up with us again for drinks and meeting some of Jen’s friends from her cruise ship days.

Then Tim and I somehow managed to find our way back to the hotel on the Bart even though we missed the last train and got lost walking.  Fun times.

In other news Bill bought a horn and a bell that I affixed to Bud’s scooter.  To everyone’s surprise he totally loved it.  Win!


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