LAX-NRT (Narita, Tokyo) and Day 1

04 Sep


You probably can’t see it but those are Muslim prayer leaflets just as you enter the plane. Awesome. Also, the flight attendants on Malaysia Airlines have the prettiest uniforms. Floor length floral skirts that look really comfy and flattering.
Also, instead of doing a live demonstration of the seat belt they have a video of an adorable little girl teaching her brother how to buckle up.

So, the flight was long but fine.  I watched a few movies (The Five Year Engagement is so freaking funny, everyone should watch it right now!) and landed in Narita where the fun really began.

It turns out I was a little unprepared for the ordeal that is buying a train ticket. Oy.  Finally I arrived at Tokyo station and I cannot begin to tell you my relief when Cori called my name across the station.  I shot my hand straight up in the air like a student and spun around to find the voice.  She got us back to her apartment where I met a few of her friends and then we ate some sushi from 7/11 (seriously delish) and crashed.

In the morning I took a walk down to Tokyo Bay while Cori slept and then we caught the train to two of the more modern and colorful shopping districs, Shibuya

Where we bought fabrics and some really great soba noodle dish from a vending machine and ate it at really low tables.

And Harajuku, where we walked down Takeshita street

And saw (among lots of other crazy and bright things) some tights with questionable English)

And some pants with a face on them.

We then came home and crashed like you wouldn’t believe.  So much walking.

Thus endeth Day 1.

Next: Day 2!

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Posted by on September 4, 2012 in Vacation


One response to “LAX-NRT (Narita, Tokyo) and Day 1

  1. Madi

    September 5, 2012 at 7:12 am

    Elize, you are incredible! I love your day 1 adventures.


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