Day 2 – New friends!

05 Sep

Long day today.  Today, like the terrible friend I am, I woke Cori up before noon.  Then we met up with her co-worker Katherine and went to the Tokyo Tower.

It’s really tall.

Like really tall.

Then we went to this other area called Asakusa to see this temple thing but we ended up getting distracted by our hunger and the bazaar we stumbled on so instead we just ate and got really lost on the way back to the train station where Cori found this wonderful 4 ft tall cutout.

We made it back to the apartment just in time to change dresses and hop in a cab to a party the local performer threw for the entering and leaving foreign performers.  I’m calling it the “The king is dead, long live the king” party.  But you probably shouldn’t tell the locals that as they would be extremely confused.

Conversely, I was extremely confused for the entire party.  First Spiderman showed up and gave a toast.

Then a very colorful tap-dancing, magic-doing mime.

Then this guy.

Then the exiting cast performed the dinner show routine but with the men and women both playing the women.

And I almost hit my head on the top of the bathroom door.

Because people here are short.

And then we took a ridiculous number of group shots.  I’m in most of them which means that in a few years everyone is going to look at these pictures and ask each other “who is that extra white girl?”  That extra white girl is me!

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