Tokyo Day 3 – Worlds collide!

06 Sep

When I woke up at 6am today (after staying up til 1am in an attempt at overcoming my jetlag) I decided to spare dear Cori and take a walk to the local shopping center.  I saw lots of odd beverages and I’m a little concerned about how similar Japanese and Hebrew are starting to look to me.

Does this bother anyone else?  Is this Hebrew?  Is it Japanese?  I honestly can’t tell anymore!

I also ran into dear friend, TSwifty.

Saw a lot of cooking chopsticks (not to be confused with knitting needles).

And some MORE tiny hats.  So many tiny hats!

Then I came back to the apartment to meet up with Katharine for our venture into Asakusa to shop the bazaar and see the Sensō-ji, a Buddhist temple which is covered in swastikas.

I know the meaning of the symbol predates Nazi-ism but it’s just slightly off putting in person.  Then Katharine and I caught the coolest boat ever to Odiba for dinner and ice cream.

I felt like I was in an episode of Doctor Who.

To be honest I’ve felt like that a lot this week.

But seriously, the floor and ceiling lit up different colors and the whole outside was glass!  So cool!

Then we ate at the most colorful bazaar/fair/indoor mish mash of things.  I don’t even know words to describe this establishment/collection of establishments all on top of one another.

And we got Italian gelato in a french restaurant that looked like this

While in Tokyo.  What is this life?!

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