End of Japan trip

The last two days have been pretty un-photo worthy.  I had a very nice 2 days walking around, seeing Japanese stuff and being too relaxed to care about carrying my camera the whole time.  I did get a very funny picture of a box of Japanese condoms though.  They look just like cigarette boxes and they all say “For sex to which it can relieve it” on them.  Which is possibly the most euphemistic euphemism that ever euphemed.

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Homeward bound (with a quick stop over in LA to see Lillian and Kelli for dinner)!

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Day 3 gallery

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Tokyo Day 3 – Worlds collide!

When I woke up at 6am today (after staying up til 1am in an attempt at overcoming my jetlag) I decided to spare dear Cori and take a walk to the local shopping center.  I saw lots of odd beverages and I’m a little concerned about how similar Japanese and Hebrew are starting to look to me.

Does this bother anyone else?  Is this Hebrew?  Is it Japanese?  I honestly can’t tell anymore!

I also ran into dear friend, TSwifty.

Saw a lot of cooking chopsticks (not to be confused with knitting needles).

And some MORE tiny hats.  So many tiny hats!

Then I came back to the apartment to meet up with Katharine for our venture into Asakusa to shop the bazaar and see the Sensō-ji, a Buddhist temple which is covered in swastikas.

I know the meaning of the symbol predates Nazi-ism but it’s just slightly off putting in person.  Then Katharine and I caught the coolest boat ever to Odiba for dinner and ice cream.

I felt like I was in an episode of Doctor Who.

To be honest I’ve felt like that a lot this week.

But seriously, the floor and ceiling lit up different colors and the whole outside was glass!  So cool!

Then we ate at the most colorful bazaar/fair/indoor mish mash of things.  I don’t even know words to describe this establishment/collection of establishments all on top of one another.

And we got Italian gelato in a french restaurant that looked like this

While in Tokyo.  What is this life?!

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Day 1 and 2 photo gallery

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Day 2 – New friends!

Long day today.  Today, like the terrible friend I am, I woke Cori up before noon.  Then we met up with her co-worker Katherine and went to the Tokyo Tower.

It’s really tall.

Like really tall.

Then we went to this other area called Asakusa to see this temple thing but we ended up getting distracted by our hunger and the bazaar we stumbled on so instead we just ate and got really lost on the way back to the train station where Cori found this wonderful 4 ft tall cutout.

We made it back to the apartment just in time to change dresses and hop in a cab to a party the local performer threw for the entering and leaving foreign performers.  I’m calling it the “The king is dead, long live the king” party.  But you probably shouldn’t tell the locals that as they would be extremely confused.

Conversely, I was extremely confused for the entire party.  First Spiderman showed up and gave a toast.

Then a very colorful tap-dancing, magic-doing mime.

Then this guy.

Then the exiting cast performed the dinner show routine but with the men and women both playing the women.

And I almost hit my head on the top of the bathroom door.

Because people here are short.

And then we took a ridiculous number of group shots.  I’m in most of them which means that in a few years everyone is going to look at these pictures and ask each other “who is that extra white girl?”  That extra white girl is me!

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LAX-NRT (Narita, Tokyo) and Day 1


You probably can’t see it but those are Muslim prayer leaflets just as you enter the plane. Awesome. Also, the flight attendants on Malaysia Airlines have the prettiest uniforms. Floor length floral skirts that look really comfy and flattering.
Also, instead of doing a live demonstration of the seat belt they have a video of an adorable little girl teaching her brother how to buckle up.

So, the flight was long but fine.  I watched a few movies (The Five Year Engagement is so freaking funny, everyone should watch it right now!) and landed in Narita where the fun really began.

It turns out I was a little unprepared for the ordeal that is buying a train ticket. Oy.  Finally I arrived at Tokyo station and I cannot begin to tell you my relief when Cori called my name across the station.  I shot my hand straight up in the air like a student and spun around to find the voice.  She got us back to her apartment where I met a few of her friends and then we ate some sushi from 7/11 (seriously delish) and crashed.

In the morning I took a walk down to Tokyo Bay while Cori slept and then we caught the train to two of the more modern and colorful shopping districs, Shibuya

Where we bought fabrics and some really great soba noodle dish from a vending machine and ate it at really low tables.

And Harajuku, where we walked down Takeshita street

And saw (among lots of other crazy and bright things) some tights with questionable English)

And some pants with a face on them.

We then came home and crashed like you wouldn’t believe.  So much walking.

Thus endeth Day 1.

Next: Day 2!

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To Japan, part 1


Guess who got bumped up to first class for the JFK-LAX leg of her trip. The chairs go so far back and they give you a tablet to play with and amazing noise canceling headphones! And then I had my TV interview which went really well. Day 1 is going pretty well so far. And it’s only 2 in the afternoon!

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