Longview, TX



Our last one nighter!
Also I hid the actors in a hamper and taught two 11-year-olds how to knit.

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Fort Worth, TX

IMG_1198 IMG_1199

Brisa is here and we went to In-N-Out!IMG_1201
All in all a great stop. And I got to stay in an actual hotel!
The local watering hole is this place called Malone’s. All the guys on the tour ended up getting their shirt.
We also checked out the much famed Flying Saucer. Great bleu cheese burger.

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Sioux Falls, SD. Manhattan, KS. Ames, IA. Cedar Falls, IA

A string of one-nighters ending in a two show day one nighter and culminating in a full day of travel.



Sioux Falls was actually really sweet. There was a little downtown area with a bunch of sweet little statues of women dancing or holding candles or whatever.


It was really cold. This was the frozen-over river that ran behind our hotel. Pretty.IMG_1185-0

And, bonus, Gigi was on TCM in the hotel!

IMG_1186-0This was the theater in Ames. One-nighters are rough, there is nothing else to say. I saw nothing in any of those other cities, I napped through breaks instead of doing.





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Lincoln, NE


Hello Lincoln! A lovely theater for a lovely opening. The stage space was huge, what a treat!IMG_1166.JPG

And Katie ordered a flight of teeny tiny beer glasses that were really cute.IMG_1170.JPG

The bar we had the opening night party in used to be the backstage of a theater so it still had it’s olde fashoney controls.IMG_1171.JPG

And here is team sound at opening. If you look closely you can even see the old linesets behind us at the Barrymore.


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Leaving North Dakota




My first truck pack before and after. We finished at 5:30am. For the first time I don’t think I’ll mind watching the sun come up.
Let’s do this Nebraska.

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Grand Forks, ND

Alright everyone, the time has finally come.

Here are some pictures from our first city and tech.

Me in my harness. We’re supposed to share but the head carp says I’m gonna be climbing more than anyone else so I get my own. Fancy right?



My halloween costume.




And the rest of team sound buying theirs. I was the inspiration of course.



Our bartender that night.



And the theater.


There were of course some additional shenanigans.


The show has a lot of glitter in it.


And I joined a union.


Those were the highlights.

Next up: Lincoln, NE.




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Grand Forks, ND

Just arrived safe and sound.

Verdict: cold and flat.


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